Care + Cures Podcast, Episode 4: Dr. Yasser El-Sayed: Keeping Mom and Baby Front and Center

Ali Kagawa
Thursday, June 9, 2022

What does it mean to keep the mother’s health front and center? For Dr. Yasser El-Sayed, Obstetrician in Chief at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford, it’s very important to keep mom’s health a priority when you are dealing with complicated births, such as those requiring fetal surgeries. Dr. El-Sayed leads the maternal and fetal medicine programs at Packard Children's, offering specialized comprehensive care to expectant moms with high risk pregnancies.

In this conversation, Dr. El-Sayed discusses how the maternal fetal medicine programs address complicated births and philanthropy’s role in helping provide top-notch patient care at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford. You’ll also hear from Karen and Angel, who spoke about their daughter, Victoria’s, experience with a groundbreaking fetal surgery to treat her spina bifida.

0:01 - Introduction to Karen and Victoria’s story

1:50 - Why Dr. El-Sayed chose to work with mothers and babies

5:40 - Karen and Victoria’s story, continued

7:17 - The fetal program at Stanford Children’s Hospital and types of complications treated

13:02 - How Stanford Children’s Hospital helped a pregnant woman give birth with COVID

15:59 - How a recent gift from David and Lucile Packard Foundation will impact care

22:48 - Developments in research around the placenta

26:40 - Karen and Victoria’s story, continued

27:33 - Philanthropy’s role 

31:52 - Midnight Rounds, the hospitals unofficial band

34:37 - How Dr. Yasser El-Sayed relates to nature

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