• "Since my childhood I’ve had a passion for the Arts. I long to use my art hobby as a way to give back to my community." ​
  • Sumukh shares his hand-paintedr Father's Day card.
  • Sumukh meets San Ramon Mayor Bill Clarkson.


KidtoKid: Teen makes cards for a cause

Ali Koide
Thursday, July 20, 2017

While most of us are sleeping in on Saturdays, Sumukh is up early, setting up his booth at the San Ramon Farmers Market. For this 13-year-old, summer vacation means more time to work on his budding greeting card business, KidtoKid, benefiting patients and their families at our hospital.

“I traditionally make them with watercolors,” says Sumukh. “They’re really fun designing. I’ve been working on the business for a year, but I didn’t start it full-swing until now.”

Just one month into summer and Sumukh has already raised nearly $1,000 for the Children’s Fund, supporting our hospital’s areas of greatest need. His efforts even gained him attention from San Ramon mayor Bill Clarkson, who personally congratulated Sumukh on his philanthropic efforts.

“When you buy my cards, you can help the school inside of the hospital,” Sumukh explains. “And also you’re helping research to cure all of these diseases. So I’d really appreciate if you’d buy some of these cards to help children and their families.”

Who could say no to that sales pitch?

If you’re interested in buying a greeting card (or five!), visit Sumukh’s website at kidtokidgreeting.com, or stop by his booth at the San Ramon Farmers Market. Give him a high-five for us!

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