• Sierra Lim and Paul Fisher, MD


Meet Sierra, a Champion Supporting Children’s Brain Cancer Awareness

Monday, September 12, 2022

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month is here, and we would like to highlight the inspiring work of a Champion whose mission is to raise awareness and funds for childhood brain cancer. Champions for Children are community members who organize events, fundraisers, or other opportunities to raise funds for patients and families at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.  

Meet Sierra Lim, a high school senior who has been diligently running a fundraiser in her school and community that has already raised $1,000 toward her $5,000 goal. These funds will support Paul Fisher, MD, chief of the Division of Child Neurology, and his research on brain tumors. 

Having two parents who worked at Packard Children’s Hospital, Sierra spent a lot of time at the hospital and got to meet many of the patients.  

“I am so passionate about fundraising for children’s brain cancer because growing up in the hospital alongside cancer patients, I always felt a certain responsibility to fight with them against this disease and bring awareness, as well as showcase their individual stories to inspire hope in others,” Sierra says. “I want to help our community’s children and families get the life-saving care they need as they receive treatment for brain cancer.” 

Not only is Sierra focused on raising funds for brain cancer, but she is also passionate about informing classmates of its signs. Through tabling events, hosting dances, and facilitating important conversations with her peers, she educates them about commonly overlooked symptoms such as chronic headaches, nausea, drowsiness, personality, vision, hearing, or speech changes along with balance problems.

“Many individuals don’t know the symptoms or the age range for contracting a brain tumor,” Sierra says. “I find it equally important to educate people on the commonly overlooked symptoms. By educating individuals, we hope to save lives and bring light to a form of cancer that is often overlooked.”  

Thank you, Sierra, for your commitment to promoting early detection and helping researchers find life-saving breakthroughs in brain cancer treatment! To support Sierra and her mission, visit her fundraising page.  

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