• Thank you, Packard Children's team members, for staying at work so we can stay at home!
  • Packard Children's team members come together to share a message.
  • We are grateful for our hosptial's team members for their tireless dedication supporting patients and families at Packard Children's.
  • Our Packard Hereoes are suited up to support patients and families at our hospital..


Thank You, Packard Heroes!

Monday, March 30, 2020

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford is ramping up frontline efforts to care for the physical and mental health of our patients, families, providers, and staff; support vulnerable families in the community; and lead research to learn more about the virus.  

Supporters like you are sending hundreds of messages of support and healing to our team members at Packard Children's. We will be highlighting your messages in this blog post throughout the week. Please submit your message of gratitude, and check back here often! In the meantime, please enjoy these sweet cards made from people in our community!

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"I appreciate how hard you are working to make sure we all stay safe. I know it may be hard to do so my classmates and I thank you so much for working many many hours at the hospital even when you know that you might get sick." -Kaelyn

"Thank you for being there on the front lines treating others and putting ourselves at risk.Thank you for being so dedicated to helping others. Thank you for being so selfless and thinking of others before yourself." -Zachary

"Thank you to all of the doctors, nurses, and staff who are working around the clock to help keep our families healthy." -Louise

"Thanks for all that you do—not only now when we’re in the middle of a pandemic, but for all the hard work during normal times." -Francesco

Donors like you have already stepped up to give to caregivers and patients during the COVID-19 crisis! There's still time to donate—your donation will help us meet our hospital's most immediate needs.


Thank you for your continued support, which is more important than ever.

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