Today on Humans of Packard Children's: Meet Xander

Ali Kagawa
Friday, February 16, 2018

“I got connected with Dr. Bernstein who, within 10 hours of him getting the email, he just picked up the phone, called me, and he told me, 'If your son does need treatment or open-heart surgery, we will find him the BEST doctor. I will make sure of it. If you need me, you tell them I'm expecting your call, and I will be there for you.” - Andrea, mom to Xander, heart patient

Andrea was so inspired by her son's experience at our hospital that she decided to give back.

"I found out about the San Francisco Auxiliary and decided to get involved," Andrea says. "You know, when good things happen, you do your best to give back."

Watch their video below and hear their personal thank you to Dr. Bernstein for saving Xander's life. Turn the SOUND ON to hear Xander’s sweet laugh, just after his open-heart surgery.

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