The Yoshidas: A Slice of the American Dream

Thursday, September 18, 2014

For James and Sumiko Yoshida, giving a gift of real estate to Packard Children's Hospital became an important part of living the American dream.

Five decades ago, each followed a path from Japan to California. They met at a Rotary International convention held for visiting students at Disneyland, married soon after, and settled into their new homeland.

After moving back and forth between Japan and California, they came to the U.S. permanently in 1991 to live closer to their two daughters in Menlo Park. They soon were introduced to Packard Children’s Hospital through the birth of their grandsons.

When James retired, they questioned how much longer they wanted to own and manage a four-unit apartment building in Menlo Park. Though it provided a steady rental income, it also demanded time and work. A good friend suggested that they consider giving the property to Packard.

After conferring with Gift Planning staff at the Foundation, James and Sumiko decided to place the property into a charitable remainder trust. The trust will make payments to them for the rest of their lives at about the same level as the rental income. It has also created substantial tax savings. Best of all, more than half of the trust's remainder will go directly to Packard Children's Hospital, an organization that they care deeply about. Funds from the Yoshida trust will support pediatric cancer and respiratory therapy programs.