Group Volunteer Engagements: Activity Kits

Wondering how your organization can support kids at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford? One of the best ways is by putting together activity kits.

What’s an activity kit?

Activity kits are little bundles of comfort filled with simple, creative items that any kid or teen can use to have fun. They help keep patients occupied and entertained when they may be feeling anxious or scared. Setting aside some time for kit building is a wonderful way to bring folks together to support our patients and families.

Here’s how it works:

1. First, your team picks the type of kits you’d like to make. From art kits to game kits, the possibilities are endless! 

2. Next, buy the supplies online, or from a local dollar or craft store. Each kit can cost as little as two dollars.

3. Gather your group at your office or meeting space for some team bonding and kit building! One person can usually make ten to twenty kits an hour. If you’d like, you can personalize your kits with drawings or your group’s logo.

4. Finally, the best part: lots of smiling faces when you deliver the activity kits to our hospital, and hospital staff hands them out to patients.

Is your team ready to get involved and make a difference? Contact us to get started today.