Children's Fund Update

You Gave Me a Future (Spring 2020)

Because of generous donors like you, Athena received a life-saving heart transplant at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford. Her medical team provides ongoing care, but it hasn't slowed her down! Athena is an active teenager who enjoys dancing, tutoring, and teaching music. Read more about how her brave journey has inspired her to become a pediatric cardiologist. (Read entire story.)

You Give Kids a Paws-itive Experience (Fall 2019)

The Packard Paws Facility Dog Program offers patients like Hadley a welcome distraction during hospitalization and treatment. Dogs like 3-year-old Donnie provide comfort and therapy not only to patients, but parents and staff as well. Learn more about how your gifts help bring hope and healing through Packard Paws. (Read entire story.)

"He Had A Lot Stacked Against Him" (Spring 2019)

Tyler and his mom Jennie have been coming to our hospital for the past seven years, since Tyler was a newborn. Thanks to donors like you, Tyler has been able to find the specialized, family-centered care he needs for his congenital heart defect, autism, and cerebral palsy. Find out why Jennie calls our hospital their familiy's home. (Read entire story.)

You Bring Families Comfort (Fall 2018)

A patient and their family’s stay in our hospital can be stressful and emotional. When 3-month-old Ishan underwent open-heart surgery, his parents relied on his surgeons and care team, as well as spiritual care providers. Learn how you played an important role in the Manjunath family’s experience of “holistic care.” (Read entire story.)

Thank You, From a Lifelong Packard Children's Patient (Spring 2018)

For Zariah, having sickle cell means late night hospital stays, severe pain, and missing school. She believes Packard Children's is a "good hospital" that makes her feel "loved overall." Thanks to your support, patients like Zariah have a welcoming place to turn to for care, and a team that helps them transition back to school and normal life. (Read entire story.)