Children's Fund Update

CFU Spring 2022

Aaliyah spent 136 days in our hospital. Thanks to your support, each day brought her closer to a brighter future. 

CFU Fall 21

When Caroline’s family found out she had osteosarcoma, they came to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford for the surgery that would save her arm. See how your support of our facility dog program helped Caroline prepare for her surgery. 

Bucky Is Here Because You Care (Spring 2021)

At just 33 days old, Bucky became the youngest baby ever to receive an intricate liver surgery at Packard Children’s Hospital. Find out how your support made a difference during a crucial time and see how far Bucky has come since. (Read entire story.)

You Bring Vulnerable Teens Health and Hope (Fall 2020)

The Stanford Children's Health Teen Van mobile clinic makes a big impact in the lives of our patients. Thanks to donors like you, the Teen Van provides extraordinary care at no cost to uninsured and homeless youth. Learn how your support enables the mobile clinic's team to provide COVID-19 testing, nonperishable food items, and so much more to vulnerable youth and their families hit hard by the pandemic. (Read entire story.)

You Gave Me a Future (Spring 2020)

Because of generous donors like you, Athena received a life-saving heart transplant at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford. Her medical team provides ongoing care, but it hasn't slowed her down! Athena is an active teenager who enjoys dancing, tutoring, and teaching music. Read more about how her brave journey has inspired her to become a pediatric cardiologist. (Read entire story.)

You Give Kids a Paws-itive Experience (Fall 2019)

The Packard Paws Facility Dog Program offers patients like Hadley a welcome distraction during hospitalization and treatment. Dogs like 3-year-old Donnie provide comfort and therapy not only to patients, but parents and staff as well. Learn more about how your gifts help bring hope and healing through Packard Paws. (Read entire story.)

"He Had A Lot Stacked Against Him" (Spring 2019)

Tyler and his mom Jennie have been coming to our hospital for the past seven years, since Tyler was a newborn. Thanks to donors like you, Tyler has been able to find the specialized, family-centered care he needs for his congenital heart defect, autism, and cerebral palsy. Find out why Jennie calls our hospital their family's home. (Read entire story.)

You Bring Families Comfort (Fall 2018)

A patient and their family’s stay in our hospital can be stressful and emotional. When 3-month-old Ishan underwent open-heart surgery, his parents relied on his surgeons and care team, as well as spiritual care providers. Learn how you played an important role in the Manjunath family’s experience of “holistic care.” (Read entire story.)

Thank You, From a Lifelong Packard Children's Patient (Spring 2018)

For Zariah, having sickle cell means late night hospital stays, severe pain, and missing school. She believes Packard Children's is a "good hospital" that makes her feel "loved overall." Thanks to your support, patients like Zariah have a welcoming place to turn to for care, and a team that helps them transition back to school and normal life. (Read entire story.)

Your Support Helps Edgar's Family Through Their Most Difficult Times (Fall 2017)

Thanks to your generosity, Edgar and his family have had the support they needed since Edgar was diagnosed with cancer. From finding housing, to helping with bills and doctor's visits, social worker Tovah Toomasson, LCSW, is there every step of the way. Find out why they call her their "guardian angel." (Read entire story.)

You Gave This Young Family a Healthy Start (Spring 2017)

Because of you, Chrystian and Cassandra were able to be with their newborn son Jayden during his stay in the neonatal intensive care unit. Your support helped provide the critical care Jayden needed in his first few days of life. Learn more about the family's extraordinary care and their special message to donors like you. (Read entire story.)

You Helped Isabel Find Her Voice (Fall 2016)

Thanks to your support, Isabel Miranda, 12, is thriving despite being diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy. Inspired by his little sister, Robert Miranda has turned his love of running into a passion for fundraising. (Read entire story.)

The Bravest 10-year-old I Know (Spring 2016)

Since Ray was diagnosed with autism at 4 years old, he and his family have benefited from therapies and services made possible by your support at our hospital and the Stanford Autism Center. His mother, Emily, wrote this article to say thank you for helping her son reach his full potential. (Read entire story.)

Interpreter Services: Bridging the Gap (Fall 2015)

Interpreters at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford play a crucial role in the care of our patients and their families. Our hopsital's interpreter services team participated in nearly 29,000 sessions with patients last year. Learn more about the team and how they help bridge the gap in patient care. (Read entire story)

One Family's Fight for "Normal" (Spring 2015)

Tierra Bergh credits the team of doctors and caregivers at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford for helping treat two of her children diagnosed with diabetes. Maleki, age 12, and Marae, age 9, have learned to cope and thrive with type 1 diabetes. Find out how the Bergh family has thrived in the face of health challenges. (Read entire story)

Child Life Specialists: Letting Kids Be Kids (Fall 2014)

Sarah Grace, a 9-year-old patient, bravely underwent her first CT scan while she was awake—and afterwards walked out smiling. She did it with the help of a certified child life specialist, Helen Ybarra. Learn more about the creative ways child life specialists at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford help ensure patients like Sarah have a say in their care. (Read entire story)

Dominic: One of our Biggest Saves Ever (Winter 2014)

Dominic is just a normal kid trying to keep up with his older brother. They love LEGOs, Play-Doh, and eating together. It's hard to believe that this thriving two-year-old spent most of last year being treated at Packard Children's for a virus that caused lung failure. Doctors came up with a revolutionary solution to help him recover by breathing on his own. Find out why doctors call him one of their "biggest saves ever." (Read entire story)

All Grown Up: From Tiny Transplant Patient to Thriving Young Adult (Winter 2013)

Miranda Ashland is one busy girl. A thriving high school senior from Saratoga, she’s filling out college applications and starring in her school’s production of Oliver!—and even recently won a spirit week pie-eating contest. With this packed schedule, Miranda still finds time for another important priority: supporting Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford, the place that gave her a second chance at life...

What makes Packard Children's "the best"? (Fall 2013)

U.S. News & World Report ranked Packard Children's as the top children's hospital in Northern California and one of the nation's best overall. What makes our hospital the best? Find out what our patients and their families had to say... 

Together, Apart: Formerly Conjoined Twins Thriving after Separation Surgery at Packard Children’s (Winter 2012)

Angelina and Angelica Sabuco, 2 ½, are exploring their neighborhood park in San Jose, picking up fallen leaves and seed pods. They giggle as they toddle in opposite directions while their mother scrambles to keep up. Any passerby would be completely unaware of the amazing transformation these twins have undergone in recent months...

A Lifetime of Smiles for Jax: Compassionate, Family-Centered Care for All (Fall 2012)

A child’s smile is one of life’s greatest joys. For Kristi and Jon Cannon of Redwood City, parents of 2-year-old Jax, that simple pleasure is something they will always cherish. “Now we know that anything can happen at any moment—even when we’re just home, winding down after a busy afternoon,” explains Kristi. That’s precisely how the accident happened...

Fantastic Four: Quadruplet Girls Get a Healthy Start at Packard (Winter 2011)

"When Samantha told me she was pregnant, I said, ‘That’s great,’ and then went to work. Little did we know that they would be quadruplets!” Wayne Wang laughs as he recalls how he and his wife, Samantha Weng, of Redwood Shores, got the shocking news. “Each ultrasound revealed one more baby. We joked that we didn’t want any more ultrasounds after the fourth one.” Samantha and Wayne beat million-to-one odds...

Fall 2011

In two short decades, Packard Children’s has cared for thousands of families and developed treatments and cures that have changed the face of pediatric and obstetric medicine. Your gifts to the Children’s Fund have played an invaluable role in enabling Packard to provide the best care possible. Each year, the Children’s Fund sustains Family Support and Outreach programs, ensures Care for All, and supports innovative Pediatric Research. It is your ongoing generosity that makes Packard a special place for children and families...

Winter 2010

On September 9, 2008, the world as we knew it changed,” says Allison Rix of Los Gatos. While riding in the car that day, Allison’s daughter, Erica, 6, tossed one end of a jump rope out the window to flutter in the wind. Suddenly, the rope caught in the car’s axle and a loop tightened around Erica’s wrist, severing her left hand... 

Fall 2010

July 12 was a big day for the Ho family of Cupertino. That morning, Cassie Ho, 13, and her father, Simon, both went in for surgery. Due to a condition called biliary atresia, Cassie was facing end-stage liver failure. At Stanford Hospital, a portion of Simon’s liver was removed, then rushed next door to Packard Children’s and transplanted into his daughter. Just weeks later, both Cassie and Simon are doing well. Still, some big questions remain...