Children's Fund Update

You Helped Isabel Find Her Voice (Fall 2016)

Thanks to your support, Isabel Miranda, 12, is thriving despite being diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy. Inspired by his little sister, Robert Miranda has turned his love of running into a passion for fundraising. (Read entire story.)

The Bravest 10-year-old I Know (Spring 2016)

Since Ray was diagnosed with autism at 4 years old, he and his family have benefited from therapies and services made possible by your support at our hospital and the Stanford Autism Center. His mother, Emily, wrote this article to say thank you for helping her son reach his full potential. (Read entire story.)

Interpreter Services: Bridging the Gap (Fall 2015)

Interpreters at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford play a crucial role in the care of our patients and their families. Our hopsital's interpreter services team participated in nearly 29,000 sessions with patients last year. Learn more about the team and how they help bridge the gap in patient care. (Read entire story)

One Family's Fight for "Normal" (Spring 2015)

Tierra Bergh credits the team of doctors and caregivers at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford for helping treat two of her children diagnosed with diabetes. Maleki, age 12, and Marae, age 9, have learned to cope and thrive with type 1 diabetes. Find out how the Bergh family has thrived in the face of health challenges. (Read entire story)

Child Life Specialists: Letting Kids Be Kids (Fall 2014)

Sarah Grace, a 9-year-old patient, bravely underwent her first CT scan while she was awake—and afterwards walked out smiling. She did it with the help of a certified child life specialist, Helen Ybarra. Learn more about the creative ways child life specialists at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford help ensure patients like Sarah have a say in their care. (Read entire story)