Your Impact

All gifts, of any size, make a difference for the patients, families, and expectant mothers we serve. When you donate to our hospital you can:

  • Choose what area matters most to you—unsure of where to start? The Children’s Fund is a great option.
  • Know 100 percent of your donation to the Children's Fund goes to the patients and families we serve.
  • Make a difference with a gift of any size—think of what we can do when we band together.

About the Children's Fund

The Children’s Fund supports our hospital's highest priorities in pediatric and obstetric research, family and community programs, and undercompensated care.

Innovative Research Projects: A portion of donations to the Children’s Fund serve as grant funding for the Child Health Research Institute (CHRI) at Stanford University . 

Family and Community Programs: Gifts to the Children’s Fund support crucial in-hospital and community programs that are not reimbursable by insurance but provide a vital service for our patients and families. This includes Social Services, Spiritual Care and Chaplain Services, Child Life and Integrative Services, the Teen Health Van, Interpreter Services, and many more programs. 

Undercompensated Care: At Packard Children’s we are committed to caring for all children and expectant mothers regardless of their family’s ability to pay. Low reimbursement rates for government-covered patients and families result in a deficit for hospital operations. Philanthropy from the Children’s Fund helps to close this gap.